Our Vision for the Future


We believe that it is time to have Riverhead Town government working together in our town’s best interest. We will work as a team to move Riverhead carefully and respectfully forward, recognizing that the decisions made today will have a long lasting impact on our town’s future.


With the pending sale of the EPCAL property at the former Grumman site, we will focus on assuring that the transaction benefits our community and that the buyers fulfill their promise to bring in well-paying jobs in aviation, technology and construction, as well as educational and recreational programs for our children.


We will continue to operate a fiscally responsible government; monitoring cost-effectiveness and introducing new paths to efficiency in order to better serve our residents through our public works, support services and recreational departments.


Listening closely to the community’s input, we will begin to update our 2003 master plan. It is critical that we formulate a comprehensive plan to lay out the steps to preserve the unique charm of our hamlets, to protect our open space and environment, repurpose big box stores, address our ongoing traffic issues and continue to revitalize Main Street. Our new master plan will be created with full transparency so the voice of the community can be heard loud and clear.

As we begin the long overdue update, we will address the issues that are impacting us now.


We will continue the work to safeguard Main Street’s historic character while allowing for smart growth. We have to address both the needs of housing and commercial entities, and the challenges of parking, safety, zoning and flooding of the Peconic River parking lot. We will continue to build on creating a more walkable downtown that will serve as our community gathering space for residents of all ages and stages.


The shifting retail landscape is already having ramifications for Route 58 and requires our immediate attention. We will collaborate on creative ideas to fill Route 58’s empty stores and shopping centers and in doing so will b encouraging and paving the way for vacated spaces to be repurposed. We will support our existing businesses while attracting new businesses and investors. Our goal is, and will continue to be, making it easy to do business in and with Riverhead.


We are united in wanting to fight the blight that is casting a shadow on our town. We will let our code enforcement department do their job so that we can put a stop to empty, rundown or boarded up properties and hold landlords accountable for unsafe, overcrowded housing, all of which are affecting our neighborhoods and impacting our quality of life.


Just as we want Code Enforcement to do their job, our police force must continue to keep our streets and public spaces safe. And we will be certain to treat the Officer’s fairly and respectfully.


As your new Town Board, our allegiance will be to Riverhead and its residents. We will work cooperatively and collectively for the best interest of Riverhead, our community and our quality of life. We will work for a secure future for our children and grandchildren, that they will be able to earn a decent wage and to get a home of their home so they can raise their own families here.


We want our neighbors to not have to struggle.


We want our town pride to be unmistakable.


We want everyone in our community to have a voice in the decisions made. We believe that this town belongs to all of us. It will be our future and we should guide it forward together