Diane Tucci is a native of Riverhead and is personally familiar with its farmland roots. She grew up working on her grandparent’s four hundred acre farm. She attended Riverhead High School and graduated from local colleges. She moved away for a short while, but missed the feel of the small town and returned to her home here in Riverhead to raise her 3 children who are currently attending Riverhead Schools.

She has long served the Town through many of the organizations and committees, including The Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Revitalization Committee, and various other development and tourism groups. She has been involved with local children by way of her work with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

As a woman running her own company in the Downtown area, Diane is keenly aware of the needs of our local business owners and the impact development has on the surrounding areas. She is currently involved in several projects geared towards bringing more visitors to the area, such as Alive on 25, Winterfest, Reflextions Riverhead, and helping marketing the entire East End by working with the North Fork Promotion Council, East End Tourism Alliance, and Discover Long Island.

Diane looks to bring these skills and talents to the Town Council to serve the community and residents of Riverhead through well thought out development, intended to preserve our historic feel, while drawing new business, protecting current business and improving the overall quality of life of the residents and visitors of Riverhead.